collaboration of music and fashion

Music and fashion are so intimately related to each other that we cannot ignore this one fact that most of our famous and top fashion celebrities are from a musical background. Music is all about a beautiful presentation that requires a good sense of fashion to get the best out of it and reach the people with a strong personality and style. Most of the people have no idea about the fashion world, but when they have their favorite celebrity in front of them with unique attire, they are automatically getting attracted to it. For the last few decades, we are enjoying the biggest fashion weeks and events with some of the music celebrities blasting the runways with latest fashion collections. Here are some of the music celebrities who are mostly known for their sensational fashion and style.

Lady Gaga:  One of the most talented star, not only famous for her talent of music, but also for some of the outrageous fashion outwear she appeared with at most of the parties, get together and award functions. She has been the hot talk of the fashion world, even for her weirdest outwear that can be carried out only by Lady Gaga herself.


Miley Cyrus: One of the brightest singer and actress in Hollywood who is equally known for her outstanding fashion sense from a sweet star of Disney to a hot performer. It’s been a decade since Miley’s every outfit is at the peak of demand by the young and teenagers. However, since last few years, she has transformed her style into something extraordinary and brought the fashion world some unique trends. She has shown a great transformation of music in fashion.


Brittnyspears: This awesome lady has brought a new era in the fashion world since 90’s. With her sweet voice, she has successfully blasted the runways with some of the best fashion outwear like Victoria secret and Versace while performing for her music videos as well. A true fashion diva!


Rihanna: An extremely talented singer who has contributed to the fashion world equally by changing the old trends and replacing them with something daring. Yes, you really need courage to break out the cocoon of the wearing the old style of denim and drape it over your shoulder or trying some average looking floral prints to make out something classy about it.

Justin Bieber: One of the most controversial star of Hollywood, mostly for his girlfriends and weird lifestyle, but talented enough with an extreme sense of fashion that made him an inspiration for the fashion world. His outfits and hairstyles are the craze of young generation.

Justin Timberlake: Justin Timberlake, an awesome song writer and composer, is the perfect gentleman personality of the fashion world for presenting fashion in an aristocratic way. He is the founder member of premium jeans and has been awarded many times by the fashion industries for his contribution in the fashion world.

Fashion and music are correlated with each other and the string between these two things has been proven profitable for so long. Pairing these two can be the best marketing strategy by the collaboration of fashion designers with the stylish music personalities.


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