Hair Straightening Brush Guide

Hair and beauty products are a goliath industry. People seem to be extremely fascinated over the idea of looking their best at all times. In fact, when a certain hair straightening product was launched into the social media sphere earlier this year, it enjoyed millions of views and positive comments right ahead. You’ve probably seen the video yourself and it’s half the reason why you find yourself shopping for one of these new hair gadgets (and because normal hair straighteners take ages!). But due to the wide range of choices you have, it pays to be practical in your choice and to look for the right hair straightening brush that matches your needs and budget.

To help you in your choice, here are some considerations and a few personal recommendations to help in your decision before you part with your hard earned cash next payday:

Check the Plate Material

It’s imperative that you check the kind of material used on the plates. To ensure maximum performance, choose a brush that comes with ceramic plates. Such material is soft and can radiate heat easily. It also makes sure that heat is distributed evenly throughout the brush. It’s also worth noting that ceramic doesn’t require too much heat to actually heat up which can prevent your hair from getting damaged.


Consider the Cost                   

Although it’s wrong to say that all expensive hair straightener brushes are of good quality, it’s probably safe to say that in a way, the price of the brush says something about its quality. Never be tempted to pick up cheap products just for the sake of saving cash. Consider that the brush should not just be judged on how well it straightens hair alone, but rather other factors like durability and hair safety must also be considered.

On the other hand, there are straightening brushes that are overly expensive and the price can no longer give justice to the work they do. A perfect example of this is the Dafni hair straightening brush. This is the brush everyone is familiar with (even my husband!) Now why is that? Well when you’ve been buying primetime commercial spots during the NRL for a large part of the season, even footy fans will know the brand! But what this does to the consumer is adds on a large premium to the cost of the product to cover their marketing spend, hence why the Dafni brush is almost 50% more expensive than its nearest competitor. Worth it? Well if you like lining the pockets of marketing firms then yes, but for the rest of us fashion obsessed, hair loving ladies, we’d rather spend that extra cash on more haircare products!

If you’re looking for a high quality straightening brush that’s stylish, offers an affordable price, is durable, and of course fantastic at straightening your hair then you might want to look at the Swift hair straightener brush. We’ve either been sent or purchased the 5 most popular brushes we could find online and when factoring in ease of use and money spent, the Swift came out on top for all bar one of the girls at the office.

Look at How Well it Heats

Heat is one of the factors that can determine how well the brush works to straighten the hair. Go for brushes with adjustable temperature settings. We suggest that you use the brush on the lowest setting possible the first time you use it on your hair and slowly work up the temperature range until you get the desired results for your hair type.


Easy to Use?                               

The best brushes are those that give a good user experience and are (you guessed it) the best at straightening your hair! They should be easy and comfortable to use. You should also consider the weight of the brush since this can further affect your comfort. Something that is too heavy can be difficult to use and may cause your arms to tire after few minutes of use.


Most users go for lightweight brushes such as the Swift or the Jaxeon models. Some of the China knock off versions we found were light, but their heating was uneven (seemed to come in waves), and they typically had a cheaper feel to them than some of the other midrange options out there.


The general consensus from our team was the Swift brush seemed to offer the best results and value for money. The Swift has quite a lot of positive feedback from users on their Instagram and in other parts of the blogosphere which indicates our consensus is not unfounded.

We haven’t tried the Jaxeon’s latest model so we will update the post once we’ve ordered and tested it out, as the Jaxeon model was a close second for many of the girls. Oh and the big question on everyone’s mind, “Is it easier than a normal straightener?” Heck YES!

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