Hairstyle Ideas for Young Girls

For teens and other young girls, image is everything. In order to be in with the cool crowd, you simply have to have the right look and this includes, perhaps most importantly, the right hairstyle. A good cut or style can do wonders and can turn any Plain Jane into a walking celebrity. All you need then is an interesting lifestyle and you can be a fashion icon to all the other kids around a similar age and beyond.

It’s important that you look at a lot of different hairstyles and really think about which style would best complement you, your individual look, and the image you are hoping to cultivate. You’ll want something that screams personal style and that complements all of your features well.

One of the best looks for almost any young girl is a long, straight style with choppy, chunky layers. These frame almost any facial shape beautifully and make the eyes stand out. For a more edgy look, you can even think about highlighting or dying some of the layers a different shade. To dress up the style, you can easily add a headband or just clip a layer across your forehead with a stylish barrette or clip. This style adds dimension and volume to even the limpest hair and can make you feel like a princess.

If straight isn’t your thing, then we suggest you take your cues from recording artist Miley Cyrus? Her signature long, bouncy blonde curls give her an instant sexy yet innocent look, one that any girl can easily accomplish. Girls with natural curls can simply comb conditioner through their hair during each shower and let the look air dry into soft, natural curls. Using a little gel or mousse might also be helpful if you’re prone to frizz. Those without natural curls can practice old tried and true methods like sleeping on large, loose rollers or even using a curling iron. We recommend against perms and other harsh treatments, however, as these can dry out and ruin otherwise healthy hair.

If you want to go a little emo, or just add some edge to your look, then remember that volume is key. Any simple style, curly or straight, can easily become hot and fashionable by using volatizing hair care products or even by purchasing a Bumpit tool, just like Snookie from the Jersey Shore. These styles can become even wilder if you’re willing to experiment with fun clips and bows and perhaps even with some temporary colouring. The choice is up to you! Let your imagination run wild and don’t be afraid to express yourself.

As you continue your search for the perfect hair style, remember that every cut or style is temporary. If you don’t like a particular cut or style, don’t worry. You can grow it out and then start experimenting all over again! After all, that’s what being young is about. Remember if you do decide to experiment, be careful with what you have to offer and don’t try something reckless.

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