The Secret to Losing Weight – Shhhh

How the hell am I going to lose weight? That’s the age old question. A simple google search returns over 260million results  that all promise the world to me. The information out there is overwhelming. Who to believe? Where to start? Which website? Who’s the weight loss guru….blablabla. It’s insane.

The Truth is, there is no ‘Quick Fix’

A quick way to tell if a website is worth reading into is if they express the reality of the situation. Nothing good happens overnight and this is ever so true when it comes to weight loss. If you come across a website that says something like this; “shed 10kgs in a week” run for the hills, because you will get burned.

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight comes from your personal commitment. If you want to lose bad enough it has to start with you. There is no such thing as people who are naturally skinny, we all reach a certain age where we all begin to natural get fat. Those people who appear “naturally skinny” has simply just made that personal commitment.

Food Intake

To make that personal commitment we first need knowledge. Knowledge on how much energy/food our body actually needs. A woman typically needs 2000 calories whereas a man needs 2500 calories daily. If you exceed that then guess what? You will put on weight. The best way to counter this is to count your calories, there are hundreds of calorie counting apps you can download onto your phone that can be used. There is no excuse here. To lose weight without exercise simply reduce your daily calorie intake, if you are a woman the best way to consistently lose weight is to eat 1700 calories daily, when you do reach your target weight simply increase it to 2000 again to maintain.



If you would like to eat more, you need to increase the amount of calories your body burns daily. Some people prefer to eat more and workout more rather than just starving themselves. At the end of the day its personal preference so test and adjust and find out what works best for you.



There are many supplements on the market that can help you lose weight. However just like I mentioned on the opening paragraph of this article, there are many supplements that are rubbish that will promise you the world. Choose weight loss products that sound sensible.

The secret fat burner is a weight loss product that I have had a lot of success with. It works by suppressing your appetite and at the same time giving you energy to still go to the gym. The Secret fat burner has worked wonders on me, but that does not mean it will work for you. The best way to know is to try it out. Buy The Secret Fat Burner here. If you want to try it out, that is where I get mine from.


Just to end off this article I want to discuss one more thing. Emotional eating is real and can have a major impact on your weight loss goals. The best way to deal with this is to identify the issues in your life that have triggered you to binge eat. Once you pin point them out you can begin working on your issues which will over time decrease emotional eating. *do not ignore this step!

To send you on your way, please remember that the secret to losing weight is YOU! You are the one that is going to get off your butt and start working out, you are going to control your food intake. It’s all YOU! No more excuses, go on and take control of your lives.

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